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Why the EFT Relationship Coach Certification Program?

The most meaningful work you can do is in the arena of romantic relationship and LOVE however most EFT Tapping practitioners don't know how to approach this work effectively. The #1 reason women seek coaching is relationship issues. The more skillful you are with your clients the bigger your referral network and the more lives you will transform. Feel confident in your ability to make a direct impact on people around the world and market yourself as an expert.

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You'll be able to confidently work with singles, couples, and alternative romantic relationship models with issues as varied as physical intimacy, finding hidden blocks to love, dating, separation, divorce, and overcoming resistance with master trainer of trainers and top EFT relationship expert Alina Frank. You'll have access to award winning programs PathtoPassion, When to End It/When to Stay, Learning to Find Love, the bestselling book How to want Sex Again and related modules, handouts in a small interactive group setting.

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EFT Level 1-2, LIVE, Interactive and Online

February 11-13, 2021

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What People are Saying…

My dating life took of like crazy and I have an amazing new love affair consistent with the tapping narrative that we developed. I just read it to him after breakfast which was after our amazing morning sex, which was after amazing sleep, which was after amazing evening sex, which was after dancing, which was after amazing afternoon sex, which was after lunch! Thank you! We are madly and mutually in love. K.J. San Jose, California