During times of chaos, one of the best resources you can have is a connected loving intimate romantic relationship but...

  • it’s often fraught with conflict and pain
  • you don’t know where to even begin to know how you can attract the ONE
  • intimacy can be challenging when your heart, mind and body are in battling each other
  • you’ve tried coaches, therapists, and practitioners who don’t have specialized training in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to breakthrough root causes quickly

There are three areas our trauma informed EFT Relationship Coaches specialize in:


Soulmate-Earthmate Attraction

Soulmate-Earthmate Attraction is a highly successful protocol based on a powerful combination of manifestion strategies, clearing blocks to attraction, EFT tapping and behavioral psychology.


Romantic Relationship Challenges

Romantic Relationship Challenges that have you feeling like something needs to change and fast. The tools can be used if you have a willing partner or if you need to do the work yourself to determine whether you need to end the relationship with the least amount of difficulty or to recommit with a fresh start using the strategies you’ve learned.


Sex and Intimacy Problems

Sex and Intimacy Problems when this is the primary source of discord and dysfunction in a relationship or if this is an area you want to heal as a single person. The emphasis is on healing with radical compassion and sensitivity.

All our coaches have received extensive mentoring and trauma training.

Additionally they have been worked through their own issues in these areas.

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