8 Things You Must Know When Using EFT To Fix Your Relationship

With the rising popularity of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and with the number of people in relationships asking when to end it or not, there’s been increasing demand for the services of EFT practitioners to work in the relationship field. But just like in cosmetic surgery, you need to know who you can rely on that has lots of experience. Here are a few things to consider or do when looking for an EFT coach.

1. EFT Coaches Are Different

EFT practitioners are just people and they have different personalities and styles. But what is important is their training, experience, and certification. If the coach took the time to learn and study their art effectively and thoroghly, then that’s a good sign that you’ll be in good hands. It’s rare that mastery of EFT is achieved without feedback from more experienced coaches. If you’re uncertain about a practitioner’s capability, ask for a history in training and certification.

2. Ask for a free Consultation

You know that song from The Beatles with the lyrics: “I used to get mad at my school… the teachers who taught me weren’t cool…” Now you wouldn’t want to get that feeling when your coach is already guiding you through the process. It’s better if you click with your EFT practitioner in terms of how comfortable you are. If you are at ease with your EFT coach, the more effective the sessions will be. Many coaches will offer a gratis 15 minute consultation to make sure that you are a good working fit.

3. It’s the Body That Does the Healing, Not the Coach

The EFT coach is not a healer. He or she only knows how to lead so you can help yourself from his/her training and experience. Unlike surgeons who can pick through your insides and fix what’s physically wrong, an EFT coach only has the means to pick through your thoughts and feelings and guide you through a process that includes positive affirmation. It’s your own body, mind, and spirit which ultimately heal you as a whole.

4. Know if the Coach Only Uses EFT for Your Relationship Problem

Consulting with an EFT coach is much like consulting with a doctor for the first time. You first hear what the practitioner has to say and find out if the approaches used fit your need. It’s your life, so you must be particular about who it is you’re going to hire to help you. EFT coaches may not confine themselves to EFT. So, if you’re after EFT and you hire a coach that uses other methods you do not want or are contrary to your beliefs, then the outcome may not end the way you want it to.

5. What You Think The Problem Is May Not Be The Real Problem

When you contact an EFT coach about a relationship challenge, you might expect to talk only about your relationship and certainly not about your phobias and childhood memories. But this perception is not exactly true. EFT for any particular problem, like a troubled relationship, can actually cover a lot of squares in your life which may seem unrelated to you but are revealed through EFT techniques to be linked like a chain. So don’t fire your EFT coach just because he/she seems to be digressing from what you perceive to be the real problem. You simply may not see the whole picture.

6. The Solution Is Rarely Found in a Single Session

EFT is not a cure-all for everything at once. One problem may not necessarily be limited to a single aspect of your life. Each emotional issue needs to be tapped out, so to speak, before the next one in line that’s discovered is put on the table.

7. EFT Consulting Does Not Have to Be Done in Person

EFT works even if the client is remotely conversing with the coach. All you need to do is to listen and follow the instructions. You can always request a face-to-face session, but it’s not a requirement.

8. Let the EFT Coach Know If You’ve Made Progress and Experienced Results

An EFT coach can only be your guide to get yourself fixed up. Healing comes from your own self, which is why you need to be open about whatever resolution you experience to the emotional conflict that you consulted about.

If you’re thinking about getting help from EFT, do your research and ask around. You’ll soon find the coach that’s just right for you and could really help you with your relationship problem. With the help of EFT, you will be able to have the freedom to decide whether to stay or set a date on the calendar when to end it.