Addressing Procrastination after a Broken Relationship

Having a broken relationship is hard to deal with at first. Some individuals know when to end it and easily get over a broken relationship, while some may find difficulty in moving on. After a relationship ends, people may turn to food, shopping, sleeping, or procrastinating to deal with a broken heart.

With the many forms of technology we have today, we have many ways to get distracted. There’s Facebook, Twitter, emails, texting, etc. Instead of facing the reality of a broken relationship, healing, and then moving on, some people may opt to procrastinate instead. Many of your former lover’s things remain in your house for sentimental reasons, you still haven’t fully cleaned your shared room, you haven’t started looking for a new place, you don’t want to cook for only one, etc.

When the procrastination bug hits you and delays your moving-on-process, here are some EFT tips to help you:

  1. Do the most difficult task first. Tapping tip: Break down the difficult task into smaller ones. It’s easier to face small tasks. Tap on your resistance to doing each small task. For example, a difficult task after a break-up is removing your former loved ones things from your house or getting your things form their home. Think of a proactive statement like, “I have the courage to face him/her when I get my things.”
  2. Make an alarm every afternoon. If that time comes and you haven’t done that important task, think of what needs to be changed in your routine so you would be able to do the task. Tapping tip: Release the guilt and shame for not being able to do your task. This will “restart” your attitude so you would be able to do something more positive.
  3. Set a timer. Challenge yourself and set a timer in your cell phone, computer, or alarm clock for 10 minutes, and then 20 minutes after the first alarm. Within 10 minutes, you should not entertain distractions that keep you from doing things to move on. Do again after 20 minutes.
  4. Ask help from a friend or an expert. Tapping tip: Get the service of an EFT coach to help you tap on the associations you might have around taking actions. An EFT coach can help you with releasing the negative issues you have to make room for progress.

So now that you know these tips, stop procrastinating because now you have something to work on in order to be free of the emotional burdens that keep you from moving on from your broken relationship. EFT tapping can help you out.