Patricia Campbell

Patricia Campbell
Patricia Campbell

Patricia Campbell is a Transformational Life and Heart Centred Coach, who loves supporting women to expand their belief systems, take inspired action steps and grow their personal and professional lives to align with their visions.

She has studied success principles, personal development and spirituality for more than 30 years with world renown teachers such as: Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, Gary Zukav, Alina Frank, Craig Weiner, Gabor Mate and more.

For over 20 years Patricia has mentored female entrepreneurs and professionals helping them learn the skills to navigate “the gap” between the habitual patterns of their old lives and the empowered structures of richer, more fulfilling lives.

Patricia offers inspiring interactive workshops, transformational in-depth coaching programs, EFT and Keynote speaking to help women discover the secrets to transforming any dream into reality. She is dedicated to helping women break through their paradigms, discover their dreams and step into their greatness.

She believes in the power of serving one's passions and purpose, and would love to support you to get out of your comfort zone, serve your purpose and create a life you absolutely LOVE living!

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