Katie Walker

Katie Walker, EFT Relationship Coach
Katie Walker

Healthy, happy and loving relationships are just so important in life.

Have you struggled to find 'the one' that truly brings you joy and bliss? Do you feel like you’ve been dating the same guy, just with a different body? Can you notice any similarities in the relationships you’ve experienced?

Sometimes at a level we are unaware of, our behaviours are generated, which shape experiences and patterns in our life. Patterns that see you attracting the same people who are simply not right for you. Right for someone, just not you. I have experienced a few relationships that brought me joy for a period, but then fizzled out. And, reflecting back on those relationships, I can see some very clear patterns. I wasn’t prepared to see what was going on whilst I was in it or even after it. I just moved on to repeat the same thing.

I am now blessed to say I have married the one for me!

I am delighted to be working as a Relationships Coach to support people in dealing with their 'stuff' to be able to love themselves, to identify who is right for them and bring the love into their world that is right for them.

And, I can also ensure the boudoir action is without complication and, any inhibitions you have, I can help you work through those in a very safe and gentle way.

I combine many years working in people-focused industries with being an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner, Counsellor and a Certified Relationship Coach to provide the space to help you work through your blocks, and negative and limiting beliefs which have been holding you back from having authentic, healthy and fulfilling relationships.

I bring the skills and expertise that can help you to identify these unconscious beliefs to eliminate them and, subsequently, those behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you. I can help you create the relationship you deserve. The relationship that is easy. The relationships that feels so right it is too good to be true, when it is very true. The relationship with the one!

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