Adrianna Nicole

Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna Nicole

I am deeply passionate about helping others heal from past sexual wounding and in holding a strong, safe space for women to find more pleasure in their life. I do this because I have had to learn how to do this for myself.

A huge part of my healing and learning in my life experience has been to heal sexual identity shame. To explore what it means to be a woman who loves sex, enjoys pleasure and orgasm and has chosen to engage this in many ways. My soul is hungry to learn what makes me feel fully sexually expressed and to know what can heal myself and others in this arena. I’ve unpacked and healed beliefs and traumas that kept me in hiding, and were preventing me from experiencing greater connection to my orgasm.

Through EFT, my spiritual path, orgasm based practices and a lot of other self healing, I came out of those experiences with more pleasure, more connection to myself and others and a greater sense of self worth and self love. While this great work feels continuous, like there are always deeper spaces inside myself to open to and love more, I am happy and self-expressed now. I feel more present and alive as a result of my adventure, and my mission is to help you reach this place of joy too.

Let’s work together to unlock this beauty and the reawakening of your pleasure.

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