Have you reached a point of frustration in your partnership that makes you question staying in your relationship? Are you not feeling valued or seen? Do you feel lost and confused about your relationship issues? Or maybe you are single and befuddled about how you’ll ever find your ideal partner, or single and just want to clear issues from the past that are holding you back?

Relationships are the most fundamental part of our lives. They are so essential that the presence and quality of your partnership literally influences your longevity. Yet relationships can be hard to figure out.

I help people with relationship challenges sift through their issues and get to a place of clarity. You’ll feel better and gain confidence about the way to move forward.

I can help whether you are:

-In a relationship and interested in working with me alone, or

-In a relationship and interested in working with you and your partner, or

-Single and want to plant seeds for your relationship future

I adore being a relationship coach but, in truth, it was not long ago that the thought of being a leader in the relationship arena would not have even crossed my mind. Things changed around the time that my personal relationship picture transformed from frustration at being chronically single (with hum-drum boyfriends once in a rare while), to being blissfully connected to my ideal life partner. In parallel with this transformation, more and more clients began coming to me for help with marriage & relationship issues. I have since realized that my personality makes me well cut out for this work. I create a container of safety and non-judgment and a clean slate for you to explore your issues. I’ll work with you gently and yet we’ll achieve deep, lasting changes in the direction of your goals.

My own journey had me discover patterns that have been keeping me stuck and feeling like I had no voice. I eliminated the unhelpful beliefs and poor decisions that supported my negative patterns. It has been freeing and helped not just with intimate relationships, it extended to all areas of my life. Let me help you navigate your own journey.

I am an Accredited Certified EFT practitioner, and use other EFT-based and coaching techniques in my work. I am a trained facilitator. My unique experience allows me to see things with less filters: before coaching, I lived in 20 countries working in remote parts of the world on assignment for the United Nations and Doctors Without Borders (I have a Masters degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins). I have seen how relationships operate all over the world, including nuanced cultural norms and universal truths.

I look forward to chatting with you and exploring what we can do together.

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