Dear John

Dear John (Steven, Michael, George, or…),

I’ve been wanting to write you for quite some time now. It seems that life goes by so quickly that we rarely afford ourselves enough time to reflect and take stock of where we’ve come from and where we are now but the time has come for me to send you this letter.

Just a few short years ago this wouldn’t have actually been possible for me – the pain and anguish I felt you caused me was too great. In case you couldn’t tell at the time you broke my heart. The raw ache drove me mad for months on end and still I wanted you to run back to me, desperately plead on hands and knees and tell me that it was all a mistake. I wanted you to cry out that you couldn’t bear the thought of life without me. I fantasized about the actual words you’d say conveying that you wanted me back at any cost. The ups and downs of breaking up and making up- wow, what drama! I remember the late nights waiting for the call that never came; the stalking-like behavior you or I engaged in; the over drinking or over eating or checking out to numb the pain. But that was before I discovered EFT aka Tapping.

All of that, every single tear I shed, I am eternally grateful for now on the other side of my healing. I stand here before you today in deep appreciation. I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were preparing me by burning the vestiges of childhood wounds. That tempering of internal armor forged the inner woman that girl could not even dream of becoming back then. Decades later on the day I met my true beloved I looked back to the wounded history of the serial monogamy of my youth and have real understanding of why you and I would never have worked out long-term.

Thank you for coming into my life when you did (perhaps we had arranged it that way before we were born) and being part of the catalyst for my awakening.

I hope I played a small part in yours!

With true love,