Healing from the Wounds of Separation

When dark clouds gather in your relationship with your partner, your first reaction would be to see if the problem can be resolved. You don’t simply ask when to end it, just like that. You hope you can save your partnership while there’s still a chance. However, some unions just aren’t meant to last and not even EFT can rescue it.

Critical times during the calendar year when you might watch out for the vulnerability of a potential ending in a relationship is between the months of December and March, which is, ironically, when love is celebrated, culminating on Valentine’s Day. Holiday and celebratory times often are imbued with the inherent pressures of being with family, and having to live through the illusions of closeness and loving demeanors that just aren’t being felt.

When a marriage is destined for a separation, it’s best to heal from the trauma rather than suffer with the wounds. Based on what you have experienced, you’ll have a good sense of when to end it. Only with clarity on this question will you be able to make the separation legal and feel comfortable in your own shoes to move forward. But the trauma of separation can keep one from being objective about their situation and seeing how it may be a blessing instead of a blight in one’s life. You can use the situation as a chance to grow spiritually and move on to the next chapter of your stay on this Earth.

If you are suffering from a divorce or some other form of separation from your partner, EFT can help you grow out of the experience to become a better person. You will see the marriage situation from a higher point of view and realize that there’s a reason for what you’re going through. People come into our lives for these reasons:

  1. To share knowledge
  2. To share their belief’s about the world
  3. To walk with you on your path of purpose

If the relationship has gone down the drain and you know for certain when to end it, you can use EFT and look into yourself. See if one of the reasons listed has been fulfilled and healing can follow.

If you are going through a separation or if you seek healing from a relationship that’s ended, you can access the EFT tapping script here.