Is There Help for Breakup Depression?

Whether it’s a good breakup or a bad one, breaking up with someone you love is never easy and it can result in deep feelings of sadness and grief. Some people who decide when to end a relationship may be able to accept the situation and move on while it may take some time for others to pick up the pieces and become whole again.

There are studies which show that people who go through a breakup and suffer from depression have the capacity to solve complex problems. Some research says one can treat depression by digging deep and analyzing the problem of the person. Some people cope with depression by evading the problem, drinking, or taking drugs.

I recommend using EFT in dealing with depression. I ask my clients to change how they feel about depression and treat it as a gift, instead of a problem. If you view depression in a different light, this allows you to see which aspect of your problem needs your attention and analysis. Using EFT helps greatly in giving you solutions in some of society’s most challenging problems.

I had a client whose wife was an alcoholic. He loves his wife dearly and he tried everything he knew to help her sober up. There came a point where he felt depressed that nothing seemed to help his wife. This depression made him seek help using EFT. With EFT, he was able to scrutinize the different aspects, problems, guilt, and other issues why he was feeling depressed in the relationship. After a few sessions of EFT, we were able to resolve his depression, and help the relationship prosper.