How to Clear The Anxiety Born of a Failed Relationship

Requests for me to help people clear anxiety are common from clients with a wide variety of stories to tell. My experience is that many anxiety problems are born out of failed relationships. Such anxiety issues can have a deep and lasting impact on a person which can be wounding and sometimes debilitating.

There are five types of anxiety disorders: Generalized Anxiety, Panic, Social, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Post-Traumatic. We will not go further into details about all the types here, but indications of any one of these emotional problems should be reason enough to consult a doctor or licensed therapist. Any one of them can be the result of a failed relationship and you should realize when to end it when you’re made aware of the problem.

In addition to receiving proper attention from a licensed mental health practitioner, emotional freedom techniques can support and help assist a client in collaboration. Scientific papers have been published showing EFT’s effectiveness in treating anxiety. One study which involved brain mapping has shown that stimulated acupuncture points resulted in normalizing waves in the brain which were long lasting and more pronounced in time. Another paper presented at the Western Australian branch of the College of Counseling Psychologists revealed anxiety reduction after only 15 minutes of EFT.

In 2003, psychologists Wendy Waite and Mark D. Holder wrote that EFT and other interventions resulted in a lowering of anxiety because it is similar to systematic desensitization wherein the patient is made to face the source of the fear incrementally. A subject with a fear of heights, for instance, can be desensitized to the fear by being exposed to increasing heights within a span of time. In EFT, it’s the recall of emotions felt in the past that’s slowly dampened with mental repetitions of positive affirmations of acceptance and release. In time, such emotions are eventually freed and if the client is dealing with relationship difficulties, reducing the anxiety over discussing the completion of a relationship can make it easier to finally say when to end the relationship and enter a new life.