How To Let Go Of After The Relationship Grief

Grief is one of the most powerfully gripping emotions. Sometimes it feels as if you have very little control, if any, over when to end it, if it will ever really be over. It seems to take on a life of its own, and often takes over yours completely.

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows how this feels. Grief can be especially difficult if there were any significant unresolved conflicts. But it’s still felt even if the relationship was a happy one because then there is a very real loss of something good in your life. Anger, frustration, guilt, and regret can exacerbate the overwhelming sorrow. If your loved one died in an accident or under the surgeon’s knife, there can be resentment that has built up against the other party in the accident or against the doctors or hospital.

The most crippling thing about grief is if it involves anger against yourself. for example if had not said “I love you” enough, or perhaps anger at specific circumstances for snatching away from you the chance to say goodbye. These are things that can keep you trapped in grief, because by their finality, they don’t offer you the opportunity to forgive yourself or others anytime soon.

I am convinced and have witnessed the miraculous effects that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can do to bring down some of the intensity of grief. EFT works by letting you tap down the intensity of the various emotions around your grief.. tap on your anger, tap on your guilt, tap on your regret.

It might be better though, if you let the raw intensity of fresh grief calm down a little before resorting to anything, including EFT. It is okay to be sad. It is okay for you to mourn. It is okay for you to lay down and cry. Grief resolution is often a bit of a waiting game. After a period of mourning, get up, take a deep breath, and tap on your issues with the help of an understanding EFT coach. Grief is especially intense if you have loved deeply and completely. It can take time to lift, but it will on its own accord, in its own way. Be open to deeply and completely loving and accepting yourself, and very soon, relief will come even when you’re not conscious of it.