How Your Subconscious Can Mess With Your Relationship

“The brain processes roughly 11 million pieces of information through the 5 senses in an moment. Only 40 pieces generally make it into conscious awarenss. That means 99.99964% is processed unconsciously mostly by the adaptive unconscious.” Professor Timothy White, University of Virginia

There is much that is written about concerning the importance of using your subconscious mind to heal. When you are ready to call it quits, you can use your unconscious mind to help you figure out when to end it or not.

What is the subconscious mind? It’s a lot of things, but primarily it is where emotions and hidden beliefs reside. It is the keeper of memory and experiences—an Akashic record keeper of the mind. When you experience a very painful event in your life, the subconscious mind holds on to the details of this event, which can lurk beneath the surface and affect our daily life without us knowing it. While the phrase “repressed memories” may bring up associations with extreme examples of traumas like child abuse, they can also look just like forgotten memories. In working in an EFT session, it is not uncommon that these memories are recalled and brought forth to the conscious mind where they can be called out and faced and dealt with so that they no longer control how you think.

The subconscious mind is involved in many ways of influencing how you react emotionally to different situations. These feelings, whether its anxiousness or frustration or other, causes changes physiologically in your hormonal and nervous systems. Thus, your health is affected by your subconscious mind, especially when negative emotions get repeated over and over without resolution. Your strongest morals and ethics from childhood are imprinted in your subconscious mind. When you are growing up, especially from the ages of zero to 6, much of what your brain is taking in is stored in the subconscious mind and continues to influence you for the rest of your life. Whenever you feel a hunch or gut feeling, it’s really the subconscious talking to you using metaphorical symbols.

Your subconscious is also a key player in habit-formation. When your dad left your mom and the 2 of you consoled each other with rocky road ice cram and it made you temporarily feel better, your brain learned that when men disappoint you, there is at least one way to find some relief from that pain. it becomes the go to response and habits form when their implementation causes a brain reward pathway that provides some form of pleasure or escape from pain. This is one way that habits and well worn pathways in the brain are formed.

When w are able to open the subconscious door, find those significant events, stored feelings and decisions that we made from long ago, we then get a new opportunity to maintain those behavior and choices or change them. In relationship issues, it is rarely only the problem that we are looking at is an isolated example, we can usually find that their is a history that goes way back before the person in front of you. Dealing with these below the surface influences can turn your partner literally into a new person.