Let MR and EFT Help You When You Have Relationship Trouble

It makes sense that it’s hardest to let go when you’re not even sure it’s what you should do. A committed relationship hasn’t worked in a while and you don’t know whether to end it, when to end it, or how. Should you sneak back into the apartment from the office so you can clear out with your stuff while your partner is at work, leave a goodbye note on the dresser, along with your keys to the front door? Not if you want true closure for both of you. Should you break up with your partner over a romantic dinner, let’s say, on your anniversary, or during a holiday like New Year’s, or Valentine’s? Not if you don’t want the both of you to end up with bad associative memories of festive cold turkey, literal as well as figurative.

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) combined with Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you step back from the brink first and clear up your core issues. This way you can move forward in the right direction to resolve your troubled relationship one way or another. I combine MR and EFT powerfully to address your subconscious and past issues. The premise of Matrix Reimprinting is that high-intensity incidents in your childhood or past called Energetic Conscious Holograms (ECHO) control how you believe your relationships will turn out and how you subconsciously behave to affect the outcome. Sadly, this can result in a vicious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecies, because you doom romantic or business relationships by acting as if the disappointing conclusion is what will definitely happen every time.

An ECHO is basically a part of yourself frozen in time but controlling how you behave now in relationships or in certain situations. For instance, one of my client’s (let’s call him Jeff) core issue was that he couldn’t trust people. A session revealed the ECHO of a three-year-old Jeff who had been tortured by his siblings. The ECHO asked to be placed in a happier childhood situation, and Jeff’s core issue left the building.

History has shown that breakups spike during the period between New Year’s and Valentine’s, possibly because of the demands these holidays make on the emotions. So if you schedule your breakup for then, you could be creating yet another ECHO that could ruin how you look forward to what should always be happy occasions.

Allow MR to reveal your ECHOs and replace them with positive imprints, and EFT to resolve your issues by letting you tap on them. As a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner and independently rated EFT coach, I have experienced the joy of seeing my clients obtain wellness and move on with their lives freed of crippling issues after even just one session. And certainly, you can be sure that once MR and EFT get you powerfully past your issues, you can decide on how to move forward with your problematic relationship, whether to continue or choose when to end it. But if you opt to take it to the next level of commitment, then go ahead and do it on your anniversary or on Valentine’s.