Marriage: When You Begin to Ask When to End It

Marriage is never the ideal bliss we imagine it to be. When we think of a wedding, we think of it usually in a storybook idealic way and it rarely is the way we thought it would be. We tend to turn a deaf ear to the wedding phrase of it’s for both the good times and bad. Marriage starts with dreams and aspirations, but we all know how the real world works, and unfortunately for some, marriage ends in separation, like divorce.

The circumstances around the divorce of couples vary, but what’s certain is there may come a time when partners have no choice but to call it quits. When one or both of them hang on to the marriage for reasons that are non-fulfilling and the result is suffering—until death do them part. But there is always a choice, convictions or beliefs notwithstanding.

If you are one of those who are at a crossroads in your marriage, there can be confusion when you feel you must let go but your mind argues against it because of fears, and there can be many fears. If it’s about leaving, you may be fearful of any of the following: loss of security, the future of your children, ridicule, loneliness, inadequacy to go about life without a partner, etc. These things keep the decision-making process difficult, even at bay.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be used to ease you out of this difficult time to allow for a definite decision to be made, whether it is to stay or whether is when to end it. Basically, EFT helps you to accept and love yourself no matter what your decision is. The rational thoughts brought about by your fears may actually be hindrances to your happiness, which we are all entitled to pursue.

By doing tapping on each of the thoughts and feelings that keep you from making your decision, you can get unstuck and move on without any regrets. Acknowledge your fear when you think of leaving and accept yourself in spite of your thoughts. In making a decision, you must turn your back on one of the choices. You simply let go of it and accept full responsibility. Only then you can find peace and move on with your life.